Booking Policy

Upon purchase of - but not limited to - goods, readings, workshops, live-sessions, (collectively referred to as “offerings”), you are automatically agreeing to these terms. Before you purchase any offerings in our shop, please consider the following:

In Tarot and intuitive readings I am using divination tools as a means to communicate with Spirit, Ancestors that have passed on, and other guiding deities and spirits. Although future predictions may appear in readings, I do not claim to perform fortune-telling or claim to know your “destiny”. As a Yoruba devotee, I believe and I promote the belief that our lives are co-created with Eledumare, Ori, Egbe and all the elements around us. Our future is changeable depending on our choices and iwa pele. 

I am an intuitive reader and trained holistic practitioner with a Masters in Public Health. My offering comes from the intersections of all my current and past lives knowing. By purchasing/ booking from our shop, you are purchasing on behalf of “personal discernment” only. Activities conducted or suggested in all offerings are completely voluntary. Customers of offerings, do not hold Adeola or any other healer (of Distinguished Diva) responsible for any accidental harm, injury, or damages incurred in affiliation with such offerings.

All information and writings on Distinguished Diva may be written from personal experience, opinions, research, and observations from clients/ case studies. Customers are to use their personal discretion before subscribing and following any recommended advice, suggestions, or writings from this site. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. For further questions and inquiries please contact [email protected]