Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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These questions are about:  Tarot, Astrology, Ancestors’ veneration, and other miscellaneous ones.



Who are the ancestors?

Ancestor: /ˈænsestə(r)/  /ˈænsestər : a person in your family who lived a long time ago

The ancestors are t the collective lifeline, energy, presence, and power of your lineage that extends all the way to the beginning of time. It goes way beyond your parents, grandparents to the unseen ancestors from millions of years back. In most African cultures, we speak of the divine connection and powerful nature of the ancestral lineage. In the Yoruba culture where I am a part of,  we believe in the reincarnation of our ancestors, which is why we believe that we are our ancestors and they are us. For this reason, you don’t need to look outside of yourself or wonder if they understand you since they are very present here with you in every ounce of your DNA. In Ifa and Yoruba cosmology/tradition we see ancestors as our protective militia. They are in the other realm with one sole divine purpose, the elevation of the lineage. They are the ancestors and they require veneration and elevation themselves in order for them to have the strength and power to protect us, open roads for us and support our evolution as a lineage.

Why are the ancestors and veneration important?

Veneration (Latin: veneratio; Greek: τιμάω timáō), is the act of honoring a person who has been identified as having a high degree of sanctity or holiness. 

The Ancestors’ responsibility is to elevate and protect their descendants from the other side while we are here on Earth. The holistic wellbeing and safety of the descendants are the direct evolution and health of the entire lineage. Ancestral Veneration brings acknowledgment to their endless work and gives them the appropriate energy to allow us to have an easeful and thriving life, it also helps us avoid all external or internal harms and problems. Venerating our ancestors doesn’t only help us as individuals but we are in essence helping all of our lineages and thus mediating in all the relationships in our bloodline.


What is Tarot?

Tarot vs Oracle, what’s better?

Is an in-person reading better than a video or remote reading?

I’ve never had a reading before, what can I expect?


What is Tarot?

I utilise tarot as a divinatory form of communication used to facilitate a conversation between you and your Guides, your ancestors in order to receive Higher Guidance. 


The term Tarot refers to the specific card divination practice that uses Major and Minor Arcana. This is comparable to the different suits you find in a regular card deck, where each suit carries different symbolism.

Tarot vs Oracle, what’s better?

I use both tarot and Oracle in my practice. There is no way of saying one system is better than another. The cards are only as powerful as the reader using them. They are both great divination tools.


Is an in-person reading better than a video or remote reading?

The quality of an in-person reading vs a remote reading is absolutely the same. What’s most important is your intention to connect to Spirit before the reading begins, the channeled messages that you are receiving during your reading, and your reader’s ability to energetically connect to you, wherever you are in the world.

I’ve never had a reading before, what can I expect?

If you are receiving a remote (live) reading, then I recommend you find a comfortable and quiet space to connect with me and receive messages. I always recommend fasting from any animal product at least 24 hours before your consultation, staying hydrated, and being open to the messages. Sometimes personal things (or people) come up in sessions, so it is important that you receive a level of privacy that is best for you. When we start, I will walk you through a brief grounding prayer and meditation exercise, so that we can connect energetically (regardless of our distance) and open our space for Spirit and your guides.

Comfort and privacy are also key for those who opt-in for a pre-recorded reading. For an in-person readings, I will walk you through a brief grounding meditation and prayer as well, then proceed with our session. 


What is Spirit?

I want to work together but don’t have the funds. What can I do?

How does the payment plan work?

How does bartering work?

How do I find a practitioner that is right for me?

Are you psychic?


What is Spirit?

Spirit refers to the Higher Guidance/ Higher Consciousness that both surrounds us and exists within us. For each person, our relationship with Spirit and how we understand or relate to Spirit can mean different things. Communicating with Spirit can mean communicating with: God/dess or Godex, particular deities in your Spiritual practice, your Ancestors, loved ones that have passed on, familiars, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Guardian Angels. The ways we name and identify Spirit are as diverse as our human experiences. 

I want to work together but don’t have the funds. What can I do?

We can arrange payment plans flexible to your capacity. If you have a business or service, we can arrange an energy exchange agreement or a combination of pay what you can and energy exchange, for a trade of equal value. Please notify me if you’d like to access these options when booking your session. If this is not the best time for you financially, I understand how tough it can be to access the support and resources you need. Contact me and we can try to figure out the best resources for you at this time.


How does energy exchange work?

Energy exchange is a trade of services or goods of equal value.​

How do I find a practitioner that is right for me?

I would ask your practitioner any and all questions you have! The right practitioner would help you understand if you are the right fit to work together. It took me a while till I aligned with my practitioners and teachers, so it’s ok if you need some time to explore what (and who) works for you.


There are governing boards and memberships that try to standardise the teaching of healing, but in my opinion, nothing is better than listening to your intuition and finding someone that you can trust. Some things you might want to ask:


Do they have a lineage or history in what they practice? 

What are their beliefs? 

Who are their teachers and how did they learn? 

What are their values in inclusivity? 

How do they give back to their community?

Is the amount they are charging, equal to the support they are providing?


Are you psychic?

I prefer to call myself a healer and medium. The word psychic can have a lot of negative connotations, so please refer to me as a holistic healer, and medium . This means that I am gifted with different levels of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience, and I continue to sharpen these skills in my own practices. I am also an Isese devotee, who work very closely with my ancestors and elders in my community. I am a yoga alliance certified 400 HR yoga therapist, I have been teaching yoga for the past 9 years with a focus on surviving of gender based violence and displaced communities around the world, I currently also teach yoga and meditation to cooperation and organisation who values the holistic wellbeing of their community with a masters of science in public health. 


Do you only serve Black people?

No. My offering and services are for the evolution of all beings who are led to heal and evolve their lineage and all of humanity. If you feel led to my page for services, it is because you were let in by my guides and ancestors. I serve all of humanity, however my centre is and will always be my community. My work is rooted in my own ancestral heritage, wisdom and practice. It is all welcome if you are aligned with our collective and individual evolution.If you are here, it is because you are ready to heal your lineage and start the rigorous work of our collective transformation.If you are here, you have already being vetted by my guides and ancestors.​

Do you do Ifa consultation?
We do offer general ifa consultation and general ifa guidance as part of our offering through my iya (godparent), Iyalorisa Omítọ̀nàdé Ifáwẹ̀mímọ́ ,  a Yorùbá Òrìsà Priestess. She has made it my life work to teach and preserve the Yorùbá Indigenous Religion.