IFÉ MI condition oil

Sold out 88.88 EUR

The IFÉ MI condition oil is crafted under the libra full moon of 2019, charged with lunar and solar energy for a year, blessed on Venus day with infused reiki energy for heart healing, beauty, and love.
This is not for the faint-hearted, you have to be ready to break your heart open and face the shadows stopping you from receiving your own love. This oil is to support you in finding out that you are the LOVE that you need and deserve. To support you in opening up your heart to all things beautiful, blissful, and loving that the ancestors and universe are bringing your way.
IFÉ MI in Yoruba means my love. It is an oil that will rip you open to see, honour, and accept THAT LOVE.
As with all energetic tools, you will have to do the WORK. I am a conjurer, providing you with tools but I do not do the work for you. So, that being said I will be taking your intentions to our collective ancestors when you order your bottle and pray that you are ready for the abundance of love this tool is crafted to call in.
There is a limited number of 11 bottles and I will not be making the same oil again.
This work takes a lot from me and I respect the guidance of my ancestors to only do this limited amount for a selected few.

Size: 100ml recyclable glasses bottles with bamboo corks and copper cover to keep in the Venusian energy as they ship to you.
Use ONLY externally.
creatively conjured with passion, potency, and power.