Sango Passion Oil

11.11 EUR

This is conjured with ancestral guidance and knowledge of herbal magic.
Crafted under the majestic energy of multiple planets in retrograde, the new moon in cancer with a major solar eclipse of July 2019, and the ase of my Baba sango.
This is a fiery oil aim to assist you with utilising all the fiery just energy of my guardian orisa. Use ONLY externally for all conjuring work and self-work to ignite fiery passion in every new beginning.
This oil has been blessed under every fire sign new and full moon, and on every Sango day for two years.

5ml bottle. All you need is a tiny bit of this oil and your might strong intention.
Can be used on your hands, knuckles, petition papers, and altars.
Use ONLY externally.
creatively conjured with passion, potency, and power by Adeola Aderemi