I was prompted by my guides to book this call with Adeola and I excitedly waited for the day to come. The clear preparation email ensured that I was ready and settled beforehand. Having Adeola pray for us and over me was a grounding experience that relaxed my anxious and tense body. created. Her channelling was clear and precise (as I knew it would be). Loving, but firm, practical and esoteric. I was pleasantly surprised by how much came through (what I like to call homework) within the call. After our call, I felt seen by my guides and ancestors and affirmed that my next steps are ordained, that I haven't gone astray but I also need to be increasingly mindful. 

I will recommend Adeola to anyone, no matter what their creed and spiritual framework as she is knowledgeable, understanding and flexible. If you need an affirmation and clarity around your present and future steps - the 45 minute consultation will suffice. The channelling through an African feminist model is needed, and a glimpse of what we truly deserve.


Adeola is by far one of my favorite healers! She has performed my very first massage + reiki session with the utmost compassion and care for my body and spirit. Her energy is always strongly aligned, rooted in love, and charged with gentleness, granting my full trust in her gift. Adeola's tarot readings are also always spot-on and thorough, whether in-person or remote. She delivers every download with such divine clarity and truth. I recommend anyone who is seeking ancestral healing and alignment with one's higher self to work with Adeola, as her approach is spiritually holistic and mindful of all aspects of Afro-diasporic experiences.

With love + gratitude,


I thoroughly enjoyed Adeola's healing yoga workshop. It was my first yoga workshop and the experience left me feeling open, connected and grounded. Her directions were thoughtful and poses considerate of first timers within the group. Having her read my card was also a unique experience as it resonated very much with what I was going through at the time and helped me realize I had made the right decision on a personal issue. I would definitely love to attend more of her workshops!


I felt incredibly relaxed and at ease at the workshop and this is a testament to the work and care that Adeola puts in.


My session with Adeola was a very affirming, clarifying and edifying session. It was an eye opener to several blind spots  to things I had overlooked, minimized or disregarded. 

It was so very soothing and comforting being able to tie specific experiences to her readings. I didn’t know what to expect from the session but I left with clear next steps to take. When I experience low points, I pull from the comfort and reminders I got, I recite them to myself and move from that point. 

I’m really glad I did the session and would recommend her!