Who we are

Adéọlá Adérè̩mí FRSA MPH MSc

is a multilingual, multi-local, multi-format, and multilingual wellness specialist, yoga therapist with a focus on sexual trauma and war trauma, tarot therapist, curator, and healer. She received her Masters of Science in Public Health at Birmingham City University. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of  Distinguished Diva.

Her work is centered on her Yoruba ancestral roots and priesthood. Her mission is to support people and the government to build healing infrastructure.She utilises the integration of holistic healing practices in policy spaces and culture, as well as uses modalities of care available on issues around Black women’s liberation, gender justice, women's health, and equal representation for voices of women of African descent in global media. She is currently working on her debut documentary film on the lives and lived experiences of Greeks of Africa descent (AfroGreek). Her work in various mediums has been featured in publications such as Women Under Siege, New York Times, Ms. Magazine, New Museum New York, Forbes, E-flux, Elle, and Vogue.

Distinguished Diva (DD) was created in 2011 by founder Adeola Naomi..The DD shop offers you all our offerings and creative tools for collective and self-healing.

All energetic tools are to support you to do the WORK with your spirit and ancestors.

We are a multi-disciplinary online collective for women of African heritage across the globe. Distinguished Diva (DD) was created in 2011 by founder Adeola Naomi as a space to centralise the narrative around women of the African Diaspora in global media. DD has grown into a global community of healing, economic empowerment and creative opportunities. By dismantling the idea of boundaries, the DD collective connects women both virtually as a place of storytelling and through international programming through events hosted from NYC, to Ghana, to Nigeria to Greece, to Germany, the UK, Belgium with more locations planned for the future.